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Don’t Let Life Challenges Hold You Back!

Manage Your Psychological/Mental Differences, START Living A Happy, Worry Free, Fulfilled Life And Celebrate Your Uniqueness!

Annette Du Bois is the creator of the ‘Elite360 Coaching Method’™️ the Powerful and Effective Breakthrough System That Gives YOU Amazing Results 

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I honestly cannot recommend Annette’s coaching enough!


Reclaim control of your life, build confidence, and live without limits!

If you’ve done some things, tried or considered Therapy, found Mindfulness not as effective as you’d hoped… followed the plethora of “gurus” online but still nothing seems to work, then now is the time for something different… something that stands a really good chance of working if our experience tells us anything.


Practical and You Focussed Coaching (not fluffy!)


Timely support and relevant strategies


Real world help and tools that work for you!

Get access to one of the World’s TOP Strategic Neurodiversity Coaches: Annette Du Bois.

  • 100% 1-on-1 Personal Coaching

  • 100% Results Focused 

  • 100% Confidential and Private

  • Practical and Realistic (No Fluff, Promise!)

  • Proven and Tested Strategies

  • Not Therapy or Invasive Counselling

My Life Is Better Than Ever


If you’ve ever wanted to regain the powerful, limitless self-confidence and self-assurance…you once had . . . and to do so without the absurd expense or ‘psycho-babble’, or motivational speaking nonsense, then this is what you are looking for. 

Issues or Problems Annette can help you through/with:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Performance
  • Emotional Issues

  • Relationships

  • Life Strategies

  • Career / Business 

  • Goals/Success

  • Mental Health

  • Neurodiversity

  • Neurodivergence

  • Changing Perceptions/Stereotypes

Annette Du Bois

Expert Coach and Consultant. 

Isn’t it time to get your life off pause?

Isn’t it time to get your life off pause?

Meet Your Coach Annette Du Bois

Annette is one of the most effective and successful Coaches in Mind / Brain Mastery.

A Unique Approach…

Helping over 300,000 people worldwide so far, Annette understands the key components of behaviour, communication and psychology and to create the most practical, relevant and personal results based experience.

Unlike other coaching programs or courses, Annette’s coaching methods go beyond basic strategies and mentoring techniques and use her proven proprietary techniques and methodologies.

They actually work in the REAL world and are relevant to the challenges and issues of today. 


You can experience the profound results of this in the following 3 steps: 

01: Decide That Things MUST Change NOW!

You’ve suffered and struggled long enough, right?! So, now is the time to take a positive step forward in your own development.

You can (and MUST) get the help now, waiting is not an option.

02: Let Annette Coach You

With Annette’s expert training, support and guidance, you can save yourself months (and even years) of the trial and error approach to overcoming your biggest life, and psychological setbacks. Including Mental Health challenges, Anxiety, Fear, Limiting Beliefs and much more.

You’ll learn the best and most effective ways to change your thoughts, switch negative beliefs, dissolve limiting patterns and take back control of your Mind as you discover the tools, strategies and distinctions that give you better results in all areas of your life.

03: Reap The Rewards

When you look around and see all the negativity and crap, it’s easy to think that things cannot change and there is no better way?

But there is a way out of this and a better life experience for you on the other side.

Elite 360 Coaching with Annette Du Bois is the answer!

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Life is always about making the right choices at the right time… you could always stay the way you are… but that wouldn’t help anyone! 

Feel Confident And Empowered to Achieve or Overcome Anything!

Do What Makes You


  • Imagine feeling so confident, that you can take care of your needs and challenges, helping yourself and the ones you love. 

  • You don’t wake up every morning stressed about life or worried about things. You take each day by the horns, and treat yourself well. 

  • You are designing a life with more purpose, confidence and focus…to do things that matter most, knowing you have the skills and tools to handle anything!

  • You are able to live YOUR life and do the things close to your heart.

  • All that’s required is having Annette Du Bois personally  Coach and guide you.

Your New Tomorrow Starts Today!

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