Prince harry opens up about Mental Health on TV show. 

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, revealed intimate details about their own psychological struggles. In the AppleTV+ television series “The Me You Can’t See”

Whatever your take on Harry and Megan, it takes courage to talk about one’s own mental problems. It normalises the issues and the way life has changed so much for all of us over the last 18 months, everyone can learn something from this.

In one episode, Harry demonstrates a technique called ‘HAVENING‘, a type of self-soothing move. Which is reportedly helpful when feeling nervous or experiencing a panic attack. Havening was developed by Ronald Ruden, M.D., and is really simple to do.

You slowly rub your hands together as if washing them, slide your hands down from your shoulders to your elbows as if hugging yourself, or run your fingers from your forehead to your chin as if washing your face.

We do a version of this already and have done so for some time!

Both Ian and I do something similar to this (but more powerful) in one of our Integrated Qigong® exercises to release tension and increase Qi (chi flow).

I incorporate aspects of it in my Elite 360 Personal 1:1 Coaching.

What’s Happening Inside the Brain: 

Havening is a form of bilateral hemisphere stimulation, activating both sides of the brain while a stressful thought or past trauma is thought about.

By using a toughing/rubbing technique delta waves are generated, the same brainwaves that usually occur during sleep, creating more calmer feelings to offset anxiousness.

This dual stimulation triggers special nerve endings in the areas of the body that are touched sending signals to the amygdala (the brain’s fear centre) that create a feeling of safety and security.

🧠 Fun Brain Teaser: “I have one letter but my name is spelled with eight. What am I?”

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Big smiles! 😀 Annette x

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